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St. Joan's Convent


  • Admission
    We take admissions from pre-nursery onwards. The admission procedure comprises of two tier procedure.

    Tier I is an Assessment Test and tier II is a Parent Teacher Interaction.

    Tier I- [Assessment Test]: Prior to interview children have to appear for a basic assessment test. The result of the test can be obtained either by internet, visiting the school or by simply calling the administrative block of the school.

    Tier II- [Parent Teacher Interaction]: After clearing the test parents and child are called for an interaction with the teacher. During this interaction teacher gives a brief description of the child’s education program. This procedure is to ensure adaptability and cordial relationship among the teacher, child and parents. Besides, this also lets us know as to where the child stands in terms of his knowledge and learning skills and what should be the teacher’s approach towards the child. This also gives us an opportunity to ascertain that the parents are capable of assisting the child in his/her journey towards growth and academic excellence.

    After going through the admission procedure a student is required to submit documents such as Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Mark Sheet for previously cleared exam etc. in support of his admission form. After submitting the required certificates the child is admitted to the school. However, merely admitting a child into the school doesn’t ensure him/her clearing board examination as a student have to follow the school’s rules and regulations .Besides these rules and regulation if a student fails to perform in any academic calendar, is charged for of misconduct, or anything which may go against the school’s image, in such a situation the student will be issued a transfer certificate without any prior notice.
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