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SITTBI, an initiative of Sachdeva Institute of Technology supported by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME), Government of India offers incubation facilities and enables the incubatees to work in a secure, innovative and entrepreneurial environment as they progress through various stages of entrepreneurial development.

SIT-TBI got the recognition of a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in 2015 by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME), Government of India. With this it has become the first such TBI in the Central region of Uttar Pradesh.

a. Objective of the Business Incubator
SITTBI Cell has earmarked space around 5000sq. ft. for incubation to encourage and nurture students, startup companies and spin off in/ IT Electrical ? Electronics Appliances/ Engineering Industries into the support of CSTUP & National Research & Development Corporation, Govt. of India. The purpose of association with NRDS would be to commercialize the technology and also promote patent etc.

Maximum faculty of the institute has an experience in R&D activities with innovation & to conduct the Entrepreneurship Awareness camps, seminars and other promotional activities. The Institute always promotes the students to become a successful Entrepreneur.

In order to insure that a sizeable number of technically qualified people become functional through the process of entrepreneurship development, a need have been felt to establish a separate cell in the form of SIT TBI cell. It is expected that the cell will be completely involved in devising suitable activities for helping student community to be enterprising in general and to be entrepreneur in particular. The urgency of such intervention is to encourage the younger generation to peruse technical education and not to be disheartened just because of lack of wage employment opportunities. It is also an established fact that the younger generation with full of vitality, vigor and creativity could do immensely towards research and development by being entrepreneurial. As such this needs to be taken necessarily not simply to carry out some entrepreneurial activity but to provide life into the technical education as well. It is worth mentioning fact that all the technical institutions of excellence like IITs, NITs, and private institutions have already setup mechanism to carryout  entrepreneurial activity either through Entrepreneurship Development  Cell (EDC) or through STEP or through TBI and so on

b. Thrust Areas

a. Information Technology (in the area of ICT)

b. Electrical - Electronic Appliances

c. Engineering Industries

c. Activities Envisaged

The SITTBI Cell has state-of the art fully furnished dedicated lab space, workshop instruments equipment & training facilities that is expected to benefit innovators, Startup companies, researchers, students, existing companies and entrepreneurs.

The main objectives of the SITTBI Cell are:

    * To convert viable thrust area technologies in to enterprises.
    * To provide consultancy services in IT/Electrical- Electronic appliances & Engineering industries located in the region in regular affairs, process, product developments and quality certification.
    * To help student develop their interest towards becoming master of their own by setting up enterprises.
    * To help them imbibe entrepreneurial qualities to develop needed skills and competencies towards entrepreneurial performance.
    * To sensitize and identify engineering graduate, entrepreneur with innovative ideas.
    * To arouse their sensitivity Sachdeva Institute of Technology toward society by way of being conscious bout the qualities & the cost.
    * To help them understand the complete process of enterprise creation and development.
    * To provide benefits of the technological know-how of the institute to the surrounding environment for helping unemployed persons to acquire skills/ competencies in order to be self employed or to be wage employed.
    * Training, counseling, guide and mentor team for setting up their enterprise.
    * Provide assistance to entrepreneurs on technical aspects of use and application of thrust areas products.
    * Synergize with research institutes and experts for creating suitable platform for counseling with entrepreneurs, students etc.
    * To provide infrastructure facility on suitable lectures to innovates who are looking for incubator.
    * To deliver educational programmes for students, faculties, researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs to enable venture creation through Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC),    Entrepreneurship Development program EDP, Techno entrepreneurship Development program (TEDP) Faculty Development programme (FDP) in Entrepreneurship.
    * To develop and deliver new programmes such as short term  courses in entrepreneurship
    * To Support local entrepreneurial programs and activities thus building a local entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.
    * Support and promote rural entrepreneurship in the region in partnership with local NGO/CBOs though training, demonstration and dissemination of rural technologies to the grass root people.
d. Name of Incubation Manager
     - Mr. Vikas Kumar Rai
     - Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh