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St. Joan's Convent

From Principal's Desk

The broader aim of education is to provide a student with social, cultural and analytical skills to deal with competitive social environment. The basic ethos inculcates humanity, harmony, peace and understanding leading to a child’s social adjustment.

Our qualified, innovative teams of teachers are encouraged to use their creativity in the classroom to make teaching process effective, interactive, lively and also interesting yet meaningful session for the learner.

Children will learn only in an atmosphere where they feel, they are valued and we at St. Joan’s convent provide creative as well as communicative atmosphere.

For a child who spends major time of his day at school certainly has greater sense of belonging to the school and it is the immediate surroundings that need to cater to his needs. St. Joan’s convent makes it easier and comfortable for the children to spend quality time at school, built into the system an iota of trust and responsibility.

I strongly feel that in the present scenario the parents have a much higher and responsible role to play in shaping the future of their child and I look forward to them for their whole hearted cooperation and support to meet the challenges of new millennium.